Give Back Contest Awards $500 to Cavett Kids Foundation

Reciprocity Road is excited to announce the winner of the second-ever BrandGood Give Back Contest! Out of 9 submissions from our eight distributors, the recipient of the second quarter award is the Cavett Kids Foundation.

Reciprocity Road will donate $500 to help support Cavett Kids Foundation, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit aimed at making life as normal as possible for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

A valuable partnership, a decade in the making.

The Cavett Kids Foundation was nominated by Eric Granata of ROBYN, who cited a long-lasting, personal relationship with the organization.

“Ten years ago, Cavett Kids served members of the ROBYN family through their camps for children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses,” Eric said. “These camps are a necessity for children who are facing medical problems and feel disconnected and alone.”

To give back, ROBYN has participated in volunteer work and offered discounted merchandise and apparel to the Cavett Kids Foundation.

“Together with the help of volunteers from the medical community and beyond, Cavett Kids provides support for kids battling life-threatening illnesses,” Eric said. “It’s an honor for the ROBYN family to help play a role in that.”

Where illness does not define the child.

The Cavett Kids Foundation offers camps, ongoing programs and annual events for 12,000 children and their families. Additionally, they provide valuable support through diversionary play, dialysis rewards, therapy dogs and leadership programs.

Ashley Simpson, Executive Director of the Cavett Kids Foundation, said the organization’s goal is to ensure children are not defined by their illnesses.

“The mission of the Cavett Kids Foundation is to provide character, coping and connection for kids battling life-threatening illnesses,” Ashley said. “We aim to teach our Three Cs in everything we do.”

More than just a donation.

Reciprocity Road is proud to support the Cavett Kids Foundation as they continue changing the lives of children in need. With this donation, Cavett Kids will be able to serve more kids who may otherwise miss out on the normalcies of childhood—like sleepovers, sports and summer camp.

“Your dollars aren’t just a donation. They change lives,” Ashley said. “At our camps, kids feel normal and accepted for once…They aren’t embarrassed by their scars. They aren’t trying to hide their loads of medication.

“Thanks to donors like you, we can create a safe place for sick children to be free and feel like a kid.”

Doing good, giving back.

While the Give Back Contest may be new, the idea of BrandGood is not.

According to Eric, BrandGood is a core value at ROBYN, as well as a pillar of all Reciprocity Road organizations. “It’s part of our culture,” he said. “It gives us an opportunity to serve our communities and feel good about our contributions.”

Danny Rosin, co-president of Brand Fuel and BrandGood Ambassador, explained that BrandGood aims to be the connective tissue between organizations and the communities they serve.

“BrandGood is a motivator of acts of kindness and giving back to causes that matter to our staff members,” Danny said.


“During the hustle and bustle of the work day, BrandGood is a reminder of what matters most in this life.”

Is there a cause that’s close to your heart?

Each quarter, BrandGood Ambassadors from each Reciprocity Road distributorship review and evaluable submissions to determine one $500 winner.

To nominate an organization for the next quarterly gift, complete your submission by September 30, 2018. If you’d like to know more about how your company “brands good,” contact your BrandGood Ambassador:

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