Reciprocity Road $500 Give Back Contest: Autism Speaks

We are proud to report that we have selected a recipient for our first “BrandGood Give Back Contest.” With 10 submissions from our 8 distributors, the story of BrandGood that moved us most came from Cathy Dorazio of Zagwear! Reciprocity Road will help support this important cause by writing a check to Autism Speaks for $500.


Cathy’s Story

This is for the children who are nonverbal. For the parents who struggle daily yearning for a hug or to be able to touch their child without rebuttal. For the siblings, family members affected to what is perceived at what should be normal. For the unknown and fear of the future. My world came crashing down in 2005.



Today I can proudly say he is the most remarkable young man I have ever met. Through constant therapy and services, he has made tremendous strides and has become my shining star.



When asked about what this gift means to her and Autism Speaks, Cathy shared, “This gift brings me joy knowing that it will go towards a cause to help families in need manage the disability, offering support, strategies, resources, education, research and much more. I was recently asked by a new friend if my son has Autism. I honestly couldn’t answer the question. Technically, the answer is “yes” but I see AJ, my son, as making tremendous strides and becoming an active member of our community. It means the world to me to give other parents hope to know that, with early Autism intervention, anything is possible.”


Cathy specifically requested the money go towards the organizations family services initiative, Autism Speaks Care Program, which focuses on helping with therapy services and catastrophic life events geared towards underprivileged families. The grant program helps families cover costs associated with the critical expenses related to the well-being of their family member with autism on a case-by-case basis.


“I think the BrandGood Initiative is a great way to get involved on so many levels by incorporating what we do best in our careers, while aiming to bring awareness to grander causes. It gives us an opportunity to feel good about what we do daily knowing that we have the power to not only provide excellent service to our clients but to also give back to our communities.” –Cathy Dorazio, Zagwear


Jena Schneider, Sr. Director of Field Development at Autism Speaks says, “Autism Speaks is grateful for Zagwear and Reciprocity Road’s support. This donation will help Autism Speaks to enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.”


Each quarter, BrandGood Ambassadors from each Reciprocity Road distributorship evaluate submissions of stories and photos from their fellow Roadies and choose one to receive $500 for the cause it represents.




Cathy continues, “I hope with each quarter we grow in spirit and touch many more lives.”


“The BrandGood Ambassadors are the big-hearted doers of the community work Reciprocity Road is committed to supporting,” says Danny Rosin of Brand Fuel. “It is such a powerful feeling to watch what would typically be a scenario with companies competing, become a team effort with a focus on using our collective distributor businesses/brands as a force for good. We hope the cause-related work we are doing, such as 1.5% of all rebates going to nonprofits, will inspire the rest of the industry to do same or similar efforts. I’m reminded of the African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'”


Submit your entry for your favorite cause here no later than May 31st, 2018 to be considered for our next gift. If you’d like to know more about how your company brands good, get in touch with your BrandGood Ambassador.


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