Interested in the journey?

Reciprocity Road strives to maintain a small but influential community of like-minded, progressive distributors and supplier partners that maximize our value to each another. As such, our partnership base is exclusive. 2019 partnerships have been determined, but if you wish to join our journey for 2020, please submit your application below. Filling this form out will indicate your interest and serve as a valuable tool when we conduct our next round of evaluations (4th QTR, 2019).

Please note: the specifications listed below are suggestions, not demands, we work with our partners to determine the best options that are mutually beneficial for all.

Partnership Offer & Commitment to Supplier Partners

SALES MEETINGS: RR members will grant priority to RR suppliers for our sales meetings. We will strive to reduce or eliminate non- RR vendors from sales meetings and reduce non-RR vendor access to sales force.

END-USERS: RR will commit to incent and foster end user calls, end user shows, even direct client access. Upon request, RR will provide detailed contact information for all sales reps. We will also provide profiles for key clients, including their last 2-years spend with our companies.

BRANDGOOD: Reciprocity Road takes us on a journey where we wield our mutual dependence and influence for a good cause. Each year, the Reciprocity Road distributors select a charity (or charities) to make an impactful change. A percentage of the rebate dollars we collect will be returned to our chosen charities. Our 2016 charities of choice are PPEF (Promotional Products Education Foundation) and CMN (Children’s Miracle Network). Reciprocity Road Distributors are committed to the idea that our collective purchasing power should not merely improve our bottom line, but should also give back to our industry and our communities.