Give Back Contest Awards $500 to Cavett Kids Foundation

Reciprocity Road is excited to announce the winner of the second-ever BrandGood Give Back Contest! Out of 9 submissions from our eight distributors, the recipient of the second quarter award is the Cavett Kids Foundation.

Reciprocity Road will donate $500 to help support Cavett Kids Foundation, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit aimed at making life as normal as possible for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

A valuable partnership, a decade in the making.

The Cavett Kids Foundation was nominated by Eric Granata of ROBYN, who cited a long-lasting, personal relationship with the organization.

“Ten years ago, Cavett Kids served members of the ROBYN family through their camps for children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses,” Eric said. “These camps are a necessity for children who are facing medical problems and feel disconnected and alone.”

To give back, ROBYN has participated in volunteer work and offered discounted merchandise and apparel to the Cavett Kids Foundation.

“Together with the help of volunteers from the medical community and beyond, Cavett Kids provides support for kids battling life-threatening illnesses,” Eric said. “It’s an honor for the ROBYN family to help play a role in that.”

Where illness does not define the child.

The Cavett Kids Foundation offers camps, ongoing programs and annual events for 12,000 children and their families. Additionally, they provide valuable support through diversionary play, dialysis rewards, therapy dogs and leadership programs.

Ashley Simpson, Executive Director of the Cavett Kids Foundation, said the organization’s goal is to ensure children are not defined by their illnesses.

“The mission of the Cavett Kids Foundation is to provide character, coping and connection for kids battling life-threatening illnesses,” Ashley said. “We aim to teach our Three Cs in everything we do.”

More than just a donation.

Reciprocity Road is proud to support the Cavett Kids Foundation as they continue changing the lives of children in need. With this donation, Cavett Kids will be able to serve more kids who may otherwise miss out on the normalcies of childhood—like sleepovers, sports and summer camp.

“Your dollars aren’t just a donation. They change lives,” Ashley said. “At our camps, kids feel normal and accepted for once…They aren’t embarrassed by their scars. They aren’t trying to hide their loads of medication.

“Thanks to donors like you, we can create a safe place for sick children to be free and feel like a kid.”

Doing good, giving back.

While the Give Back Contest may be new, the idea of BrandGood is not.

According to Eric, BrandGood is a core value at ROBYN, as well as a pillar of all Reciprocity Road organizations. “It’s part of our culture,” he said. “It gives us an opportunity to serve our communities and feel good about our contributions.”

Danny Rosin, co-president of Brand Fuel and BrandGood Ambassador, explained that BrandGood aims to be the connective tissue between organizations and the communities they serve.

“BrandGood is a motivator of acts of kindness and giving back to causes that matter to our staff members,” Danny said.


“During the hustle and bustle of the work day, BrandGood is a reminder of what matters most in this life.”

Is there a cause that’s close to your heart?

Each quarter, BrandGood Ambassadors from each Reciprocity Road distributorship review and evaluable submissions to determine one $500 winner.

To nominate an organization for the next quarterly gift, complete your submission by September 30, 2018. If you’d like to know more about how your company “brands good,” contact your BrandGood Ambassador:

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Image Source

The Ice Box

Brand Fuel


A Letter from Autism Speaks

Recently, Reciprocity Road completed out first BrandGood quarterly initiative with a donation to Autism Speaks. We received the following letter from their President and CEO, Angela Geiger:

Autism Speaks is honored to receive your support as we seek to enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow. On behalf of Autism Speaks, thank you for your generous donation of $500.

Since Autism Speaks was founded more than a decade ago, we have learned that there is not one autism, but many subtypes, and each person can have unique strengths and challenges. Our goal is to address the needs of children, teens and adults with autism across the spectrum and throughout their lives.

You make progress possible. Thanks to supporters like you, Autism Speaks is able to expand advocacy and supports, increase understanding and acceptance, and advance research into causes and better interventions for people with autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

We are grateful for your contribution in support of our mission, and we hope you will continue to collaborate with us in the future. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

If you are interested in learning more about Austism Speaks, please

Reciprocity Road $500 Give Back Contest: Autism Speaks

We are proud to report that we have selected a recipient for our first “BrandGood Give Back Contest.” With 10 submissions from our 8 distributors, the story of BrandGood that moved us most came from Cathy Dorazio of Zagwear! Reciprocity Road will help support this important cause by writing a check to Autism Speaks for $500.


Cathy’s Story

This is for the children who are nonverbal. For the parents who struggle daily yearning for a hug or to be able to touch their child without rebuttal. For the siblings, family members affected to what is perceived at what should be normal. For the unknown and fear of the future. My world came crashing down in 2005.



Today I can proudly say he is the most remarkable young man I have ever met. Through constant therapy and services, he has made tremendous strides and has become my shining star.



When asked about what this gift means to her and Autism Speaks, Cathy shared, “This gift brings me joy knowing that it will go towards a cause to help families in need manage the disability, offering support, strategies, resources, education, research and much more. I was recently asked by a new friend if my son has Autism. I honestly couldn’t answer the question. Technically, the answer is “yes” but I see AJ, my son, as making tremendous strides and becoming an active member of our community. It means the world to me to give other parents hope to know that, with early Autism intervention, anything is possible.”


Cathy specifically requested the money go towards the organizations family services initiative, Autism Speaks Care Program, which focuses on helping with therapy services and catastrophic life events geared towards underprivileged families. The grant program helps families cover costs associated with the critical expenses related to the well-being of their family member with autism on a case-by-case basis.


“I think the BrandGood Initiative is a great way to get involved on so many levels by incorporating what we do best in our careers, while aiming to bring awareness to grander causes. It gives us an opportunity to feel good about what we do daily knowing that we have the power to not only provide excellent service to our clients but to also give back to our communities.” –Cathy Dorazio, Zagwear


Jena Schneider, Sr. Director of Field Development at Autism Speaks says, “Autism Speaks is grateful for Zagwear and Reciprocity Road’s support. This donation will help Autism Speaks to enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.”


Each quarter, BrandGood Ambassadors from each Reciprocity Road distributorship evaluate submissions of stories and photos from their fellow Roadies and choose one to receive $500 for the cause it represents.




Cathy continues, “I hope with each quarter we grow in spirit and touch many more lives.”


“The BrandGood Ambassadors are the big-hearted doers of the community work Reciprocity Road is committed to supporting,” says Danny Rosin of Brand Fuel. “It is such a powerful feeling to watch what would typically be a scenario with companies competing, become a team effort with a focus on using our collective distributor businesses/brands as a force for good. We hope the cause-related work we are doing, such as 1.5% of all rebates going to nonprofits, will inspire the rest of the industry to do same or similar efforts. I’m reminded of the African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'”


Submit your entry for your favorite cause here no later than May 31st, 2018 to be considered for our next gift. If you’d like to know more about how your company brands good, get in touch with your BrandGood Ambassador.


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Reciprocity Road Makes $7,500 Donation to PPEF

Reciprocity Road, an industry collective in its second year, made a $7,500 donation to the Promotional Products Education Foundation at its annual breakfast meeting held during the PPAI EXPO in Las Vegas. PPEF Foundation Manager, Sara Besly and Board Chair, Lori Bauer, were on hand to accept the check and share the stories of students who are improving their future through the industry-based scholarship program. This donation will run through the Reciprocity Road Roadies Scholarship Fund.

This year, PPEF has pledged to provide $200,000 worth of scholarships.
Reciprocity Road provides its members with a forum to exchange ideas, offer creative collaboration and provide support for mutual benefit, progress and business success.
Photo: Reciprocity Road’s Robert Fiveash, Danny Rosin, Toby Zacks, Scott Alterman, Todd Pottebaum, PPEF Foundation Manager Sara Besly, Reciprocity Road’s Brian Haner, PPEFBoard Chair Lori Bauer, Reciprocity Road’s Tom Goos, Eric Granata, Brad Storms and Barbara Brown.

Image Source Partners With Their Team to “BrandGood” for Exotic Animals

In 2017 Image Source surveyed their employees to discover what causes resonate within their team. They were able to narrow down four non-profit partners for quarterly fundraising and volunteering of their time. Image Source’s commitment to their pay it forward mission allows employees to volunteer 8 hours of work time each year.

Image Source’s second quarter community partner was Sara’s Sanctuary, a non-profit exotic animal rescue organization. Sara’s Sanctuary advocates for the safety, well-being, and quality of life for all animals. They provide a safe and secure lifetime haven for captive born wild animals.

12 Image Source employees were able to take a half day off to help out on location. They painted, cleaned, and prepped meals. “It was great to be able to help with such a good cause and to see how much they really needed our help,” says Image Source’s Katie Braaten. If you would like to learn more and find out how you can help, visit

Brand Fuel Featured in PPB Magazine’s Forces For Good

In the June issue of PPB, Reciprocity Roadie Danny Rosin discusses the culture of BrandGood that they’ve fostered at Brand Fuel.

At Brand Fuel, we believe we can improve the world through promotional products. Robert Fiveash, my business partner, and I call the business of benevolence “BrandGood.” Beyond the positivity that gets connected to our brand, it gives us a shared sense of purpose. That purpose of giving back outside the office is directly tied to morale, culture, friendships, retention, teamwork and generosity in the office.

Read the entire article here.

The Icebox Brands Good by Making Everyday More Pleasant for Those Who Need it Most.

The Icebox prides itself in giving back and entrenching itself in Atlanta’s philanthropic community. When the opportunity arose to BrandGood with The Foundation for Hospital Art’s, PaintFest, we jumped to sponsor their events across the country, and sent a team of employees to volunteer at their local event at Emory Hospital here in Atlanta.

Walking through a traditional hospital can be a drab experience. You typically see white walls and a décor resembling vanilla ice cream. In 1975, John Feight, a volunteer at Northside Hospital, in Atlanta, Georgia, decided to change that by decorating the hospital walls with meaningful artwork. His vision was to give visitors, staff and patients a more visually pleasant experience while they were there.

In 1984 The Foundation for Hospital Art, was officially established and remains dedicated to involving patients, staff and volunteers worldwide to create colorful visual artwork for hospitals. The donated pieces of art help to mitigate the often stressful hospital experience.

Today over 1,000,000 volunteers have collaborated in a joint effort to create over 44,000 paintings for over 4,000 hospitals around the world. John’s son, Scott, now carries on his father’s legacy and carries his father’s vision to create and spread visual cheer in places where the simplest things can go a long way.

The team at The Icebox felt really good about what they were doing by sponsoring and volunteering to paint at PaintFest. Not only was it a therapeutic and enjoyable experience, but it was also a great opportunity to spend  quality time making the world we live in just a little bit better and brighter for everyone. The next time your company could use a little team building while Branding Good, look no further than the Foundation for Hospital Art.

Brand Fuel and Friends BrandGood by Helping to Feed their Community.

At Reciprocity Road, one of our most important goals is to be a force for good in the communities in which we work and play.

Brand Fuel started the year off by doing just that in their own neighborhood. On January 23rd, Brand Fuel introduced the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Backpack Buddies Program and Trophy Brewing Co. to their clients at a BrandGood event that included handcrafted brew and a little hustle to outfit backpacks with the vittles required nourish active brains. Check out their photo album on Facebook.

BackPack Buddies provides children from food-insecure homes with healthy weekend meals during the school year. The children, selected by school principals, guidance counselors, and supervisors of various after school programs, receive a backpack containing six balanced meals and two healthy snacks at the end of every week. Local corporations like Brand Fuel and Trophy Brewing Co. help collect and pack bags with kid-friendly non-perishable food.

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is an innovative hunger-relief organization serving seven counties in and around the Triangle.

We believe hunger IS fixable if the community works together to do two things: create sources of healthy food in every low-income neighborhood and grow opportunities for people to provide for themselves by learning job skills or growing their own food.

At Reciprocity Road, we couldn’t be more proud of the efforts that each of our nine distributors take to better their own communities.


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