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What is Reciprocity?

noun    |    rec·i·proc·i·ty    |    \ˌre-sə-ˈprä-s(ə-)tē\

1. The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

2. Mutual dependence and influence.

3. Eight Distributors. $200+ million in projected gross revenue. A buying group with brandgood at heart.

The Road.

Eight distributors. $200+ million in projected gross revenue.

Allies in vision, good design, smart marketing, philanthropy, and power partnerships.

Our unique business models complement each other and foster transparency support, creative collaboration, and sharing.

The fuel for our journey?


Barbara Brown

Sandy Gonzalez

Tom Goos

Brian Haner

Jeff Holt

Eric Granata

Todd Pottebaum

Brad Storms

Scott Alterman

Jordy Gamson

Danny Rosin

Robert Fiveash

Toby Zacks

Judd Karofsky

RR distributors have always given generously to local charities and in addition,
each year we select two primary charities that we support as a group and donate a percentage of our annual savings.
The 2019 official charities are:

Rules of the Road.
1. A roadie’s revenue is a minimum of $10,000,000 annually.

2. A roadie is willing to be transparent, assisting fellow roadies.

3. A roadie is committed to giving back and supporting our annual charitable initiatives.

4. A roadie makes monthly pit stops (phone call meetings)

5. A roadie must have a stellar reputation in the industry and provide supplier references freely.

6. A roadie runs a clean machine: A profitable and financially stable business.

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